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[personal profile] alleliua asked if all the 2nd generation heirs could be uploaded, so here they all are for your downloading pleasure.

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I had to do it. Sorry. ;)

I'll download our Miss Ripley this evening and start in on Generation Two tonight! So excited! Can't promise, but I'm hoping to have the first update posted this weekend!


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The 2nd generation heir poll is closed and the winner is...


Thank you to everyone that voted!
I will be sending her file to Days, so the next installment of the Hallows legacy can get up and running!



Dec. 3rd, 2009 09:30 am
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Hi all! The heir poll is up, which is a) exciting and b) freaking me out, because that brings my turn just that little bit closer! So I've finally got my rear in gear and I'm sorting out my neighborhood ready to go (expect mondo picspam soonish.) And as I run around the internets gathering sims from you all, I'm wondering, any of you have self-sims out there that I can steal, make over and pop in the 'hood? Probably not to marry in or anything, I just need folks to run diners and bookstores and be witches and so on :D I've still got Carrie's from a million years ago, and found evermore's too - if anyone else wants in, chuck us a link...
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The generation 2 heir poll is up!
You can find it HERE at my journal!

Good luck choosing!

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Hi everyone!

Summer has totally hit us during spring and I haven't been able to fire up the game and play for an extended period all of this last week because it's been so hot I've been afraid that my PC would overheat. I've taken the cover off one side of my PC and I have a fan blowing directly at the innards so hopefully I will be able to play today.

To give you an idea of the sort of weather I'm facing, currently, it is 3pm and 36 degrees Celsius, which translates to roughly 97 F. This is cool compared to yesterday, when we had temps around 43 deg C, ~110 F. Humidity is around 55%, which is not too bad but still feels sticky. This is not as hot as parts of South Australia, which experienced 47 deg C (116.6 F) yesterday, but hot enough.

If I am unable to complete a good chunk of gameplay by the middle of this week, I will send the extracted sims to [personal profile] cpowellscircus  for her to put up the poll. I have all of the generation 2 kids already extracted, so I can pass on the heir candidates even if I am unable to complete the gameplay due to the heatwave. I will try to grow up the second set of twins to teen today so that at least that much is done in case I need to give up on the idea of playing for the near future.

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Hmmm... so i started a new (well, old, but supposedly EMPTY) hood for the RR. I've spent hours on Halloween decorating the heir's house and i put in those 4 sims i showed you as townies. I just went in game to take some pics of stuff and i realized... maybe i forgot to clean the freakin Freetime hood. Not maybe, actually- i definitely must've forgotten, cause the Summoner is full of ugly maxis-faced sims and NPC's and the character folder has like...67 or so characters. First i though- oh, well, i'll start a new one. The sims i made, were all made in BS, so it won't take any time to take them out of CAS again.... but then i remembered my house. I've spent a lot, and i mean a lot of time on it. And i really don't wanna loose it. So what do i do? I don't want the Maxians walking around. If i package my house and then reinstall it, would i have to also install the content that is in it? Or can i package it and then when installing, unchek everything, but the lot in Clean Installer. Would the CC show if i do that? And i've heard Maxis recolors don't package with lots, is that true? Sorry for another whiny post, but i really don't know what to do and any help would be appreciated.
Oh, and another question. When you kill a townie, do they still clog the hood, the same as if they were alive? Maybe i can just kill them all with Insim and put the 60+ graves on an empty lot... ALL suggestions and help are appreciated, really.
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I made my first Hallows town townies the last two days and wanted to share some pics with you all. Since i forgot that i can actually cross-post my entries here to LJ, i just made the post over there. Sorry. But you can go to my LJ if you are interested in seeing them. Here's a preview-

This be Viola. there's two more sims and a ton more pics at my LJ-


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Generation 1 Part 2 - ready for your reading pleasure :)

Find it here
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Okies....so before setting up my RR neighborhood, I installed completely clean and empty neighborhoods for everything...Pleasantview, Veronavilla, Strangetown, Belladonna Cove, etc. This meant getting rid of the character files as per the instructions.

What I need to know is if in doing that I screwed the chances of my heir ever meeting a werewolf, witch, or vampire. Anyone have any idea about this sort of thing???

I went back and installed the character file for the Pets EP to see if I start getting strays, and hopefully, Mr. Werewolf. The same for Nightlife because I never saw a vampire downtown.

Anyway...any insight or something would help. LOL
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The Generation 1 Part 1 post is up and ready for reading!

Find it here
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Ive uploaded Ash for the purposes of townifying, you can find her at my Dreamwidth page here


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Hi guys!

This is just to let you know what I'm up to with regard to getting generation 1 under way.

* I have the hood built. There is the founder's residential lot and a bunch of community lots and that's pretty much it.

* I have the founder already in the game, sitting in the sim bin.

* I have 6 of the remaining 8 founder candidates also sitting in the sim bin, waiting to become townies. Another one was uploaded today so I'm just hoping that the last one gets uploaded soon and they can all be townified.

* I have downloaded 2 sims from each of the participants, except 6akalaka1, who only has one sim (now 2!) uploaded anywhere that I can find. I guess I'd better PM her. I grabbed males where males were available, but if one of you only had one male, I grabbed a random female (eg. xxevermore only has one male sim uploaded so I also grabbed Nameless, who will be gender switched before being turned into a townie).

What all of this means:

I have a house and a hood for the founder, ready to move her in from the sim bin. I have all the townies I need, I just need to make those sims into townies. I will start playing this weekend so expect some sort of an update posted by next weekend (ie. by Sunday, 25th October). After that the updates will be either weekly or fortnightly, depending on how much time I get. I have to squeeze in celebrating my 6th wedding anniversary and my husband's birthday in-between playing ;P

ETA: The final founder candidate was uploaded while I was typing this. I now have all of them. Once I townify the bajillion sims I have downloaded for that purpose, I will be ready to go!
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I think I am last, aren't I? Anyways... i finally got around to uploading Samara, in case someone might want her for the legacy or anything else.

You can find her at my Dreamwidth-



Oct. 12th, 2009 07:23 pm
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Here is Amelia

You can download her from here.

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Here is my founder submission, Abella Hallows. :)

Grab her here!

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I just uploaded my founder submission, Clarice.

(Find her Here.)